JEA Scholarship

JEA is proud to announce that seven senior graduates received scholarship awards totaling $8,121 in May 2021.The scholarships are made possible and funded by JEA membership dues and by individual contributions. 

JEA Scholarship 2021 Award Recipients

Adelie McMillan, daughter of Missy and Chip McMillan, plans to attend Tufts University in Boston. When describing one teacher who had a significant impact on her education, Adelie explained, “Mrs. Dye taught me what matters is to keep trying. The label ‘smart’ was arbitrary, and all I needed to do was allow myself to fail, and come back to try again.” Adelie enjoys playing tennis and figure skating and is the president of the National Honor Society. Her teachers portray her as exceptional, compassionate, and dedicated. 

Becky Engstrom’s daughter Claire Scott will attend an art and design college. Her teachers characterize her as imaginative, brilliant, and driven. Claire is a remarkable artist and has already published two graphic novels. Reflecting on her experience in Mr. Haygood’s classroom city simulation, Claire shared, “Something I created made people happy. I reckoned that if I could make people feel this way by sharing my art, this was the path for me.” 

Described by her teachers as generous, inquisitive, and sincere, Kiana Potter, plans to attend Whitman College in the fall. She is the daughter of educators Steve and Lucy Potter and is an accomplished basketball player. In her scholarship essay, Kiana remarked, “The educational experience of taking Introduction to Automatives is arguably one of the most valuable classes I have ever taken. Not only was I provided with knowledge that proved to be essential, Mr. Hinkley gifted me with confidence and inspired personal open-mindedness.”

Multi-talented Finn Morley, son of Jenny Strumfeld and Steve Morley will attend Vassar College in fall and plans to major in music and chemistry. He’s an avid blacksmith who also enjoys running, skiing, and playing the cello. Finn shared that “in all of [my] endeavors I have appreciated my mentors and teachers who have helped me to develop my knowledge and skills.” His teachers describe him as tenacious, innovative, and curious.

Tim Degener is the son of educators Alan and Sheila Degener. Characterized as analytical, funny, and hard-working by his teachers, Tim is an outdoor enthusiast, cross-country runner, and soccer player.  When describing his chemistry honors class, Tim stated, “While Mr. Carney’s class was no way easy, I ultimately left that class feeling more prepared and self-reliant than I have for any other class. The combination of a funny, caring, and challenging teacher created a great learning environment for me.”

Student-athlete Raekwon Razor, son of Lexie Razor, plans to attend Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina. Raekwon’s teachers describe him as friendly, unique, and industrious. Raekown recognized Madame Duverger as a teacher that made a lasting impact on his education. He shared, “I appreciate the opportunity that Madame Duverger provided me. She went above and beyond by allowing me to be a TA to continue to learn French.”

Allison Hoy, daughter of April Hoy, is concurrently enrolled at the University of Alaska Southeast, Homebridge, and Juneau Douglas High School. Her teachers describe her as determined, industrious, and kind. Pursuing her dream to be an occupational therapist and hippotherapist, Allison said, “Spreading kindness, joy, and love, all the while having grace and compassion, is what serving my community means to me and doing so with a cheerful heart means the world to others.” 

The JEA Scholarship is available to graduating seniors who are dependents of current JEA members or teachers who were current members at the time of their retirement or passing.  The 2022 JEA Scholarship application will become available in March.

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  1. The student must be a dependent of current JEA members or teachers who were current members at the time of their retirement or passing. 
  2. The student must be accepted as a full-time student by either a business/trade/college institution.
  3. The student must be graduating from high school this 2020-2021 school year.

Application information is available here: