School Board Election

View the certified election results as of 10/19/2021.

The October 5, 2021 election includes three open seats on the Board of Education. Each seat is for a 3-year term.

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 14 – Ballots mailed to voters who registered by Sept. 5
  • Monday, Sept. 20 – In-person voting begins at Juneau vote centers
  • Tuesday, Oct. 5 – Election day; mailed ballots must be returned and postmarked by this day. In-person voting is only available at Juneau vote centers. Secure ballot drop boxes and in-person voting are open until 8:00 p.m.
  • Friday, Oct. 8 or Monday, Oct. 11 – Preliminary results posted
  • Tuesday, Oct. 19 – Official election results certified

Watch the Candidate Virtual Forum


Elizabeth (Ebett) Siddon
Residence: 4030 North Douglas Highway, Juneau, AK 99801
Mailing: P.O. BOX 21007 Juneau, AK 99802
Phone: 907-209-0630

Key Take-Aways:

  • Strong Science Background
  • Dedicated to School/community connections/collaborations
  • Parent of School Age Child in the JSD
  • Responded to JEA questionnaire

    Notes from Candidate Forum:
  • 19 year Juneau resident
  • 2nd Grade son at Harborview
  • Stem background
  • Spec. Ed Background
  • Top Priorities for infrastructure funds
    • Facility Needs
  • Covid 19 Mitigation thoughts
    • End goal is Kids staying in classrooms
    • Current plans have that goal in mind
    • Plan should create as much stability as possible.
  • What budget decisions should be made to reach JSD goals
    • Academic and social/emotional supports
    • Greater needs after a year of distance education
    • This looks different at different grades
    • Family engagement/Emotional support structures
  • Entire personal schooling at Public Schools
  • Co-founded SE exchange to bring hands on/place based science opportunities to schools
  • Taught curriculum within the JSD as an outside “specialist” working with teachers
  • Lead with three themes: Collaboration, communication, transparency
  • Trust between board members and the board and the community are key
  • End goal should be to make the best decisions for our students
  • Equity is a pillar of our strategic plan
  • Pointed goals at closing the achievement gaps
  • Rely on community partners to help close those gaps

Current School Board President. Elizabeth grew up in New Hampshire and attended the University of New Hampshire for her undergraduate degree (in Marine and Freshwater Biology). She moved to Juneau in 2002 where she since completed a Masters and PhD in Fisheries at UAF’s College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. She is married to Chris, who works at ADF&G, and they have one son.

Elizabeth works at NOAA Fisheries for the Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment Program. Her work,
focused in the Bering Sea, connects ecosystem science to management. In 2019, Elizabeth was awarded the Presidential Early Career Award for Science and Engineering, the highest honor bestowed by the United States Government.

Elizabeth is very committed to education and outreach here in Juneau and beyond. She co-founded SouthEast Exchange (SEE), a community partnership between local STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals and teachers in the Juneau School District. SEE helps bring place-based and hands-on science experiences into classrooms. She also co-teaches a summer field course at the Shoals Marine Laboratory (off the coast of Maine) called Integrated Ecosystem Research & Management. Elizabeth has been the statewide parent representative to the Alaska Early Childhood Coordinating Council (coordinating programs and services for children prenatal through age 8) since January 2017 and was elected to the Juneau School Board in 2018.

Empire Article

Official Candidate Statement from 2018

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Alaska Court Records Search: No Criminal records found, 1 Civil Superior court record as Plaintiff

Aaron Spratt
Residence & Mailing: 9089 Ninnis Dr. Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 360-969-6869

Key Take-Aways:

  • Children are Homeschooled with IDEA. None in the JSD
  • Against Mandatory Mask Mandate
  • Believes in mastery of skills, not social promotion between grades
  • Making up for “Lost Year” due to covid as high priority
  • Did not respond to JEA Questionnaire

    Notes from Candidate Forum
  • Covid poses little threat to our children
  • JSD Mask Mandate Focuses on the Physical not Mental health of children
  • Mental Hearlth the Real pandemic
  • Forces Masking, Social Distancing and Isolation are real threats to mental health
  • JSD response driven by fear and hysteria
  • Should not use social promotion to move children to the next grade. Standards must be used.
  • Top Priorities for infrastructure funds
    • School Maintenance
    • Identify areas of need, and use funding to allow teachers to recognize and address those needs
  • Covid 19 Mitigation thoughts
    • Empower Parents to make the best medical decisions for their students
    • Against forced masking
    • Driven by an effort to keep physically safe, even though there is no major threat
    • Worried about mental health of students
  • What budget decisions should be made to reach JSD goals
    • Ensure foundations are taught and mastered
    • Make up for what was lost in 20-21
  • Received public education
  • Advocate for passionate teachers who impact students in positive ways
  • Collaborate needs to focus on the best impacts on our students
  • Success not only in the classroom but also in the real world
  • Thinks all children can be successful
  • Provide equal opportunity for all students to have success
  • Smart to recognize different challenges for all students, but a quality education gives the best chance
    for all to succeed.

Empire Article
Aaron has 5 children, 3 that are school aged. Those 3 are all part of IDEA Homeschool. 1 plays sports at JDHS.

Aaron has been called to be a missionary to Southeast Alaska and pastor of Faith Lutheran Church, Juneau. Aaron has served in the Navy on active duty and in the reserves for the last 21+ years. He has also served as a counselor to at-risk youth in northwest Washington state.

Alaska Court Records Search: No Records Found

Thomas Buzard
Residence & Mailing: 2910 Linda Ave., Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-957-1119

Key Take-Away:

  • Against mandatory mask mandates
  • Wants to see Herd Immunity by removing masks “Sadly, some will get sick and die but there is no other way to beat this. Be reasonable and unmask the kids and let it move through.”
  • Believes JSD is highly lacking in Trades education
  • Wants more contrarian voices on the Board
  • Not in favor of current board thinking
  • Organized .223 Day of Resistance Rally at State Capital
  • Did not respond to JEA Questionnaire

    Notes from Candidate Forum:
  • Wants to give back to the community
  • Sees a serious gap in the needs for Trades education
  • Huge Disconnect between the needs of society and what our school dist delivers
  • Top Priorities for infrastructure funds
    • Industrial Arts
    • Transfer 1 building into 1 industrial arts center
    • Over heavy academic focus, and undeserving trades skills
  • Covid 19 Mitigation thoughts
    • Covid 19 not as deadly as historical pandemics
    • Controls are based on Fear and Tyranny
    • Parents make the best decisions for their childrens health
  • What budget decisions should be made to reach JSD goals
    • Did not answer
  • Been through both private and public education
  • We are elected officials not petty tyrants
  • Must listen to the input of the community
  • All subjects should be taught fairly and unbiased with current information
  • Current school board philosophy is group think
  • Need more diversity on the board
  • Voting record is that hey vote as a block
  • Needs for more diverse thinking on the board

    Empire Article
    KTOO Article

    “Sadly, there are a lot of people that are going to get sick, and some are going to get sick again. And yes,
    some are going to die, but there is no other way to really beat this virus. With our greatest scientists, we tried to create vaccines, and even those are failing,” Buzard said. “So unmask the children, and allow herd immunity to move forward.”

    “You’ve been elected by the people to run the school, but not to overrun the rights of the parents.” Buzard said. “We already provide sanitation in the schools, hand washing, we do ask the children if they have symptoms to stay home. These are all reasonable and prudent things to do, but I think that this (requiring masks) is a huge power grab and I’m against it.” Quote from Public comment period at School Board Meeting in August.

    Alaska Court Records Search: 1 Civil District Court record as Defendant, 2010

Amber Frommherz
Residence & Mailing: 4801 River Road, Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-419-7086

Key Take-Aways:

  • Dedicated to Early Education
  • Parent of Current and Former JSD students
  • Understands the workings of JSD
  • More focus on Social Emotional Learning
  • Responded to JEA questionnaire

Notes from Candidate Forum

  • Proponent of Public Education
  • Wants to give back.
  • Top Priorities for infrastructure funds
    • Use money the most efficiently
    • State should take care of Debt Bonds
    • Transfer schools into “Green” Spaces
  • Covid 19 Mitigation thoughts
    • Believes we have done a good job so far in a brand new scenario
    • Debriefing sessions should be in place so we can discuss what has worked and what has not
  • What budget decisions should be made to reach JSD goals
    • Attention/advocacy for more BSA increases
    • Support JSD curriculum supports: Reading specialists, CTE….
  • Has a wide range of Public Education experience across the US
  • Collaboration is in line with JSD strategic plan
  • Prepare for transitions to an era of fiscal limitations
  • Think locally
  • Juneau could be a hub for SE education
  • Children cannot learn unless basic needs are met
  • Collaboration and understanding of supports for our families
  • Focus on social emotional learning
  • Early childhood education as a means to close achievement gaps

Parent of former and current JSD students.
Former Director of Tlingit and Haida’s Head Start Program
Current Director of Tribal Services for Tlingit and Haida Regional Housing Authority

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Facebook Profile

  • Passionate about education.
  • Proponent of early childhood education programs
  • Supportive of current JSD policies, with the understanding that there is always growth to be made

    Alaska Court Records Search: None Found

Ibn Bailey
Residence & Mailing: 236 3rd Street Apt 3A, Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-957-2263

Key Take-Aways:

  • Diverse Educational Background
  • More accessibility for those with impairments
  • Create Agricultural program
  • Equity for all students
  • Responded to JEA questionnaire

    Notes from Candidate Forum
  • Equal employment counselor
  • Worked with national peer review for the dept. Of education
  • Top Priorities for Infrastructure funds
    • Maintenance/repairs
    • Vocational Trainings
    • Agriculture programs
  • Covid 19 Mitigation thoughts
    • Believes JSD and CBJ has done a good job
    • Masking is appropriate and important
    • Continue with current work
  • What budget decisions should be made to reach JSD goals
    • Avoid undisciplined spending
    • Dedication towards connectivity and broadband
    • Accessibility for low vision people to the website
    • Expand recruitment efforts
  • Attended schools around US and and Europe. Public, Private and Military
  • Proponent of collaboration
  • Needs for a common goal so that differences of opinions can be used to reach that goal
  • Encourage Free/Reduced lunch programs
  • Every child should start the day fed
  • Build together today, for a better future tomorrow

    Owner/Operator of Northern Tea House

    My family has made Juneau our home for almost 30 years. While I grew up in a military family and have lived in various states and travelled to various countries (I was born in Banbury, UK), Juneau holds a special place for my family and I. And so, I believe that it’s time to fulfill my civic responsibility to the place I now call home by serving on a committee that serves all the people of Juneau. In 1998, I was selected to become a member of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Equal Employment Advisory Council under then Secretary of Commerce William Daley. The council, chaired by Deputy Undersecretary of National Marine Fisheries Services Scott Gudes, was comprised of federal employees from a variety of backgrounds and experiences throughout the United States. Our work included but not limited to: Youth outreach and mentoring, college and university job fair participation, special emphasis month events (Disability Month Recognition). I would later become an Equal Employment Counselor (EEO) for NOAA employees for the Western Region, which covered 7 states including Alaska. My work included performing intakes, conducting interviews, preliminary investigations and reporting while following agency guidelines as well as the U.S. Civil Rights of 1964/1991 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. While employed by NMFS Alaska Region, I worked alongside other Equal Employment Managers from the US Forest Service (Mrs. Sandra Hernandez EEO Counselor) and the U.S. Coast Guard (Petty Officer Hector Morales) in providing trainings, seminars, and various cultural events for federal employees and the general public. This work included partnership with the Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTH.) After leaving federal employment, I became a Case Manager for REACH Inc, here in Juneau. In this role, I worked with State of Alaska agencies such as the Office of Public Advocacy and Health and Social Services. My previous work with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Civil Rights Act of 964/1991 informed much this work as well.

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Alaska Court Records Search:

  • 37 court records found
  • Mostly minor traffic violations
  • 7 small claims court appearances as defendant
  • 1 small claims court appearance as plaintiff
  • 2 long term protective orders issued against Ibn, 2019
  • 1 short term protective order issued against Ibn, 2019

Wiljordon V. Sangster
Residence & Mailing: 2959 Simpson Ave., Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-723-5048
No Information Available
Did not respond to JEA Questionnaire

Alaska Court Records Search: 2 minor traffic violations

Kyle Scholl (Write-In Candidate, his name will not be appearing on the ballot)
Residence & Mailing: 9351 Parkview Court, Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-957-7034

  • JD Boys BBall not being able to travel to state was a major factor in running
  • Believes school sports are not what they used to be
  • “The majority of parents wanted the basketball team to go,” he said, adding that the board’s decision to sit the tourney out was “a slap in the face” to the players, coaches and families.
  • Concerns over curriculum being taught and requirement of students to wear a mask
  • Wants students to have more freedom to take the masks off during the day while in their seats.
  • Responded to JEA questionnaire
  • Juneau Douglas High Graduate, 2002.

    Empire Article
    Facebook Profile picture previously “Unmask America”
    Twitter Profile

Alaska Court Records Search:

  • 6 minor traffic related offenses
  • 1 eviction hearing as defendant
  • 2 small claims as defendant – both dismissed

Will Muldoon (Write-In Candidate, his name will not be appearing on the ballot)
Phone: 907-957-3065

After several conversations, I’ve decided to officially file my letter of intent with the city and run as a Write-in candidate for the CBJ School Board race. The main concern I’ve heard from the community is the risk of losing the progress made by our Educators and School Board if we don’t get this right. I’m proud of our community and how we’ve handled ourselves over the past two years, and I am committed to doing my part to continue the work.

Candidate’s website

KTOO Article

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